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What do you need to consider when getting rid of a unwanted car.

What do you need to consider when getting rid of a unwanted car.
There comes a time when spending more money keeping an  on the road becomes a brain strain. Old cars can also be a drain on the wallet as they approach their used by date as they will usually require more work than newer vehicles to keep road worthy. Once you have decided you have a unwanted car you then have the drain on your brain trying to work out what to do with it. Leaving a unregistered vehicle on the road could be a costly experience if the council tows it as they will probable bill you for the tow. Your neighbors may not appreciate a unwanted vehicle left on the street especially if parking in your area is limited.
So what should you do when you decide you have a unwanted car.

Call around your local wrecking yards and see if they are interested. Wrecking yard will not offer much but it could be the easiest way to be rid of your unwanted car. When you decide to let a wrecking yard take your unwanted car off your hands make sure you take bring you rego papers with you. Wrecking yards will take a copy of the registration and have you fill out a stat declaration to change ownership or the unwanted car. They will give you the number plates so you can surrender them to the RTA. You do not want the number plates getting into anybody else hand so this is a very important point.

Here is a link to the RTA website

Remove all your possession from the car before you take the car to the yard so you have enough time to search for all those item that you haven’t seen in ages and thought where lost. You would be suprised what gets left behind.

Wrecking yard will also collect unwanted car that don’t go anymore or are unregistered. Once you have organised to have it picked up you will need to go to the yard you fill out the paper work and collect of number plates.

Wrecking yards will strip the parts that still have value and will recycle them so other motorist can keep their machines on the road. After a unwanted car has been wrecked the left over parts will be sent for recycling. The scrap metal will be crush and loaded onto a boat and shipped to China so it can be recycled and come back in the form of a white good appliance.

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What do you need to consider when getting rid of a unwanted car.

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