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Holden SB Combo Van 5 speed manual 11/96 Wrecking Now.

Holden SB Combo Van 5 speed manual 11/96 Wrecking Now.
For all those
Holden SB Combo owners out here we are wrecking a 11/96 SB Combo van Now.
White in colour
5 speed manual transition
Vin woloooo7JT3048609

Do you need parts from a Holden SB Combo or Barina?
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16 Replies

  1. i urgently need a Speedo Cable for a Holden Combo SB 1996, you you have one and how much?

    You can contact me on 0466 381 278 or email me.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. I am looking for the wind deflector that is situated above the cab for a Holden Combo.
    Do you have one available on the “Holden SB Combo Van 5 speed manual 11/96″ that you are wrecking ?
    And what condition, is there any rust ?
    I am in Perth so postage will have to be taken into account. Please email.
    Thank you . . . . Steve

  3. Samuel Dec 11th 2010

    Dear Sir
    My phone number is 0416 937979
    I am looking for the following parts on the holden combo van 1996

    1. driver and passenger sides door trim
    2. driver side door outside glass mould
    3. the frabric glass rooftop
    4. both the front seats
    5. the gearstick top round cap

  4. steve Jan 8th 2011

    after l/h rear tailight for sb 1998/9 combo van
    cheers steve

  5. I require an engine for a 2004 xc 1.6 litre
    z16 sed2p20621 engine
    for holden combo van

  6. Hi I am looking for front and rear springs for a holden combo 2007 model


  7. Hi need the combo pod/wind deflector above front cabin,read divers side door glass, drivers door exterior mirror.
    Could you email me please, thanks Les

  8. Hi i require a fuel pump and alternator for a 1996 Holden Combo.

    Please can you contact as soon as possible with prices.

    Thank you, much appreciated.

    Mob: 0430 496 285

    Regards, Bret

  9. Hi i am chasing a wind deflector and roof racks for 96 sb combo thanks 0402 174 319

  10. Hi i am after a fuel pump for a 96 holden combo. thanks 021-106-4437

  11. ted nelson Jul 18th 2011

    i want to connect a tacho to my 1998 sb combo van.
    how do i do it? do i purchase a GSI barina instrument
    cluster ? also require roof racks for same ted

  12. hi
    Iam looking for the driver side mirror urgently ….
    could you send me please the address?


  13. Brian Oct 4th 2011


    Do you have drivers side rear light lens
    Holden Combo SB 2001 model
    If so how much



  15. Can I please get a Holden combo air reflect on the roof price and when can I pick up or can u deliver

  16. kylie stevens Apr 9th 2012

    Im after a right hand mirror assembly for a Holden combo van 1999

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