3 Good Reasons Why You Must Have Heated Seats on Your Car

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Nowadays, you will find most of the vehicles available in the market are filled with many different comforting features like excellent sound systems, automatic braking system and now seat heaters are also included to keep you comfortable and warm during chilly day.

How does heated car seat really work?

As such, heated car seat really is not a rocket science and it can be quite easily implemented in any kind of vehicle. Certain heating coil will be placed under your seat cushion and then electricity will be passed through it.

While electricity will flow through this coil, there will be resistance that causes the friction and that will produce heat. When your seats will be turned on, electricity will flow into coil from the circuit, which will be very small amount that can start formation of magnetic field.

This magnetic field will then flip a relay switch and your seats will receive energy from your car battery.

A thermostat will be there to regulate the temperature. Thermostat will maintain the required temperature and prevent any occurrence of fire too.

The thermostat will shut off the power to your coils just by switching off your relay once temperature will reach to certain mark. Also, if temperature will get too low, then relay will switch on the power obtained from the battery and again will reheat the seats.

Few reasons of installing seat heaters

Following are three main reasons why heated seats installed near Minneapolis for all vehicles.

  • You can enjoy comfortable driving experience

During extreme cold weather it is certainly not very comfortable to drive while seating behind wheel of your car. Also, if you park your car in the open then seat will become too cold.

Fortunately, with seat heaters you can quickly and efficiently get your seat heated up and be comfortable while you are driving in icy cold winter season.

Also, your seat warmers will have variable controls, so that you can adjust the temperature as per your personal comfort level as you travel.

  • Alleviate chronic pain

Many people struggle with their chronic pain in their lower back or sciatica, and for such people heated seats can help to soothe their symptoms while driving.

As the seat warmers will gently warm your upholstery, you will enjoy a very quick, effective and non-medicinal pain relief during your commute.

  • Boost your market value of car

Having an extra seat warmer will upgrade your car and hence will boost your car value. You can certainly demand higher price while reselling your car.