Are You Performing a Spring Auto Check? Four Areas Not to Miss

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Spring has arrived, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather to do car maintenance. Your car will have gone through some weathering over the winter and is due for some TLC. Before going to the auto shop, follow this guide for four areas you don’t want to miss.

Check Your Fluids

When doing a check of your car, there are seven fluids you should be checking. These are the air conditioning coolant, oil, radiator, transmission, brake, washer and power steering. Each provides a vital service to your car, and failing to check them may lead to expensive repairs or permanent damage to your car. Make sure you don’t miss one of these important areas.

Test Your Battery

You may not realize how much wear and tear your car went through during the winter. This is why it is so important to check your car battery. Before you get started, make sure you have the tools necessary to perform the check. Once you start, you want to look at the voltage and perform a load test to help you ensure your battery is performing at its best. Being proactive will help you avoid battery failure.

Inspect the Input and Output Spots

During any maintenance, you want to check where things are going in and out of your car. As the winter may have put some undue strain on the intake areas, you must make sure they are still functioning and have not been damaged. This includes looking at the intake air heater. This important system has been used extensively over the winter and is due for a check in the spring.

Perform a Break Check

One final area to check is your brake system. Start with a visual inspection, looking for anything that is out of place or damaged. Next, do a system check, making sure to check the fluids. Finally, run an operational review, paying attention to any abnormal sounds or feelings when using your brakes. A brake system check is an important step in making sure your car is summer-ready.

Your car has served you well this past winter, give it the same amount of care when you go to the auto shop. Be sure to ask about the intake air, fluids, battery and brakes so that it can continue to serve you this summer. No matter what your summer plans, make sure your car can get you there.