Few Questions That You Need to Ask While Hiring a Car Towing Service Provider


It is not surprising that often your vehicle may breakdown in certain remote area where there is no repair workshop available nearby. In such condition, you may need to call for a car towing service that is available in that area.

However, before you hire their services you must try to find whether there are any Telluride Tire & Auto towing services available nearby or not. In case, you have to look for any other towing service company then you must ask the following questions before hiring them.

  • Are you an insured company?

If you are discussing with any unknown towing company then it is essential to know whether they are insured company or not. This will help you to reduce your risk of money that you are spending for towing.

  • What will be your estimated charge for towing?

This will be an obvious question that you are going to ask any towing company. You must also ask them whether there is any hidden cost and avoid taking the service if their payment terms appear to be ambiguous.

  • What are the modes of payments you accept?

If you do not have sufficient cash with you then you will prefer to make payment through your credit or debit card. Therefore, you must confirm whether such mode of payment is acceptable to the towing company.

  • How much time will you take to reach to tow my car?

This is another important question that you need to ask so that you know how long you have to wait for the towing truck to arrive.

You must however tell the company about your exact location where your vehicle is stranded so that they can give their time.

  • Can you tow any kind of vehicle?

This is very important question that you must ask in case you have any special model of car or vehicle. Many towing companies may not be having the necessary facility to tow all kinds of vehicles.

  • How many years are you in this business?

While choosing any towing company, you must prefer a company who is in this business for at least 3 to 4 years.

  • In which workshop will you tow my vehicle?

In case you forget to ask this question then the towing company will take your vehicle to any workshop of his choice. Therefore, you must give your preference of workshop and then decide the towing charges.